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Mafalda Martins - Advogada

100% Client Focus.


Proximity. Accuracy. Trust. Availability.

Boutique Law Firm 

Dedicated to private clients, Mafalda is an expert in Foreign Investment Advisory, Golden Visa and Immigration.

After a diversified path of law practice, which has passed through Law Firms, Ministerial Offices, Financial Institutions, Media Companies, I realized that what motivated me was the Client, the individual, the Human Being, who resorted to me because he believed I could make a difference, make the difference.

More than processes and procedures, I believe that the differential is the person! The relationship that is created between people! Mutual trust.We don't look after processes / issues.

we look after People!

This is my goal – the Customer.


Professor Dr. Raul Rosenthal

"On the last years, me and my family, we have been using Drª Mafalda Martins professional services, with very positive results. Besides being a very dedicated and qualified professional, she is a very pleasant person."
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